Spoke Too Soon

Well wouldn’t it just figure that I go and post yesterday that the fever seems to be gone for the time being and then…..BAM…..last night it’s back. I started feeling all achy and cold again so I took my temperature and sure enough it was 100.6, low grade to be sure but high enough that it had me feeling sick. But that’s not the best part!


I woke up this morning to what I first thought was my “normal” coughing but something didn’t feel quite right. I sat up and coughed up some junk and spit it in a tissue only to see it was blood that I was coughing up. Well THAT will wake you up quick! My first thought was “Crap, I’m running out of time.” But I tried to stay calm and not hit the panic button. I remembered that the last time I went to the ER they did NOTHING for me so there was NO WAY I was going to go through that again. I decided to see if I would keep coughing up blood or if it would slow down on it’s own, thankfully my gamble worked and it did slow down. However I will be calling the doctor tomorrow to update them since it is still nearly 3 weeks until my next appointment.

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  1. Ken G says:

    I think you’re right about going to the ER not being all that useful at times. Calling your primary doctor (or replacement) this week is a great idea. I’ve read that cancer patients must be a strong advocate of their own treatment, just like you’re showing us in these messages. We’re all thinking about you, every day, just so you know. And if we’re not thinking about you then we’re thinking of Chris – making sure he’s doing okay, encouraging him at Parallax, and doing whatever we can to keep more speed bumps off his path. By the way I truly enjoyed meeting Chris’ family a few weeks back – what a great time we had with some real people. – KG

  2. Chris Savage says:

    Thanks Ken! We appreciate all the well-wishes we get and the flexibility provided by Parallax. And my parents really enjoyed your tour and discussion!

  3. Luc says:

    Heb ik nu spijt dat ik vorig jaar niet naar Amerika op reis ben geweest!

    Wish you all the best over there.
    Thinking of you Wendy! (and Wall-e gives a hugh again)


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