The End Is Just A New Beginning

Well my friends, family, followers….

Today was the big day! My final chemo treatment! YAY!!!


As I look back over the last several months, I can’t believe I have come to the end of the chemo portion of my journey. I remember before it started that it felt like it would take forever to get through 16 treatments totaling about 19 weeks. But now that the final treatment is done, it feels like it went by rather fast.

I want to say a special thank you to all the nurses and staff at the Sutter Roseville Infusion Center. All of the nurses that took care of me did an outstanding job! They are all so very busy, but always took the time to make sure I was happy and comfortable. They were very perceptive as well. They seemed to sense if I was not having a good day and would go out of their way to make me as comfortable as possible even if it was just to pull the curtain for me so I could hide for a while. I will miss them all so much as they helped me through a critical step in my journey. They will forever be in my heart and I am so grateful for each of them! Ladies, if you read this please know how very grateful and appreciative I am for all the you do! I love all of you for taking such good care of me through all of this! You helped make my journey memorable for all the right reasons! What could have been an unpleasant experience was actually a very positive time in my life thanks to the wonderful care I received!

Below are some pictures of my last day. The beautiful, young lady posing with me is Nurse Alicia. Always quick with a smile and a friendly greeting, she is a joy to see when I walk through the door.


Here is a group photo of the nurses on duty today. Each one of them has been my chemo nurse at least once or has taken care of me in some way whether it be a blood draw or just to make sure everything is okay. You ladies are awesome! I can’t thank you enough! They surprised me with a certificate that I am holding in the picture. They each signed it and wrote a special message. I will cherish it always! They also, upon entering my room, brought noise makers and were cheering and clapping, in a celebration of my last treatment. Needless to say, there was nary a dry eye in the place! GROUP HUG!


This part of my journey is coming to an end, but really it is just another beginning. I have been given a gift. What you may ask is that gift? Life. A chance to live. Could the cancer come back? Could it still be there hiding, waiting for the chemo to end so it can rear its ugly head again? Sure, there is always that possibility. But that’s not what’s important. No matter what happens from here on out, I am forever changed. And it’s time to start living, really living my life, not just existing in this world, but participating in. Enjoying the small things. Smelling the flowers, feeling the warm sun on my face, smiling at EVERYONE, talking to strangers, being grateful for EVERYONE in my life. And when I say everyone, I truly mean everyone! Even the people who may rub you the wrong way are there for a purpose. There are lessons to be learned everywhere and in everything. Sometimes you just have to stop, remember to breathe, and look at things from a different perspective to see that maybe what you thought was a thorn poking you was there to get your attention so you would not miss the beautiful rose you were about to pass by.

Thank you to EVERYONE who stood by me during this journey. To those who where there for me, whether it was monetary, special gifts, cards, phone calls, emails, text messages, prayers, well wishes, reading these posts, the list just goes on and on. I thank you all and will always be grateful to each and everyone of you. You have all helped to make this journey such a positive experience, as I never felt like I was doing it alone. I also want to say a special thank you to my hubby’s employer, Parallax (thank you Ken and Jessica!). Because of their support and understanding and the willingness to be so very flexible with Chris’ schedule, it allowed my wonderful husband to be with me every step of the way. Which leads me to Chris. He deserves a MEDAL! He has seen me at my best, and had to watch me suffer through my worst. But always, he was there. To hold my hand, be a strong shoulder for me to cry on, to tuck me in at night and love me through it all. A girl couldn’t ask for a better husband, I love you!

So my friends, I will bring this blog to a close. I wish you all health, happiness and much love! ~Wendy

Comments from the old website.

Comments from the old website.

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