The Port Authority

I have decided that I am now a port authority. After all, this is the third port I have had installed inside of two years. So yeah, I’m now a port authority.

Thursday, January 22nd was the big day. Chris drove me to the hospital that afternoon and I checked in. All the nurses were very nice. When they tried to start an IV on me I warned them that it was probably going to be difficult as I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since midnight. It was now after 2:00pm and I had been fasting for more than fourteen hours. I knew darn well my veins weren’t going to cooperate and I was right. After two failed attempts they called in another nurse. As she came closer I recognized her as being a nurse who had taken care of me during a previous surgery. I told her “Hey I know you!” And she smiled and said she thought that she recognized my name. She brought her awesome little vein finder light and got me on her first try! I thanked her and she grabbed my hand and patted it and blew me a kiss and wished me well before she had to zip off to her assigned patient. With IV done, vitals taken, paperwork completed all there was left to do was wait for the surgeon and the anesthesiologist to come in to talk to me. So I had some time to just lay there and think.

A little while later the anesthesiologist stopped by to talk to me. I was a little nervous as I was told that they were going to put me into a “twilight” state for the surgery. I was remembering the supposed “twilight” state I was told I would be in for the lung biopsy and that didn’t turn out quite like I imagined. (You know the whole being completely awake and aware part just wasn’t going to cut it for me this time.) But the doctor was very nice and she assured me that I would be asleep for the whole procedure and not to worry. Then it was the surgeons turn to visit me before the procedure. Dr. Owens stopped in and told me he decided that he was going to put the port on the same side as last time. He marked off a little spot on the right side of my chest and told me not to worry, that putting in the port should be a piece of cake!

When the operating room was ready they wheeled me off down the hall. I had forgotten how COLD those hallways and operating rooms are! BURRRR!! And all I have on is a thin hospital gown and one thin blanket. *shiver* Now most of you know that I am NOT a small, thin little thing. I’m a big girl. So when we get to the operating room they ask me if I can scooch off the gurney and onto the operating table. “Sure, it might take me a couple of tries but I can do it.” I say. So I get myself all situated on the operating table and hear Dr. Owens say, “Is the table all set up for x-rays?” Nurse, “Uh, well no. Does it need to be?” Dr. Owens, “Yes, that’s what I requested.” Nurse, “Oh okay. So Wendy we are going to need you to scooch back over to the gurney temporarily.” Me laughing, “Okay, no problem.” So back over I go. They quickly set up the table the way it was supposed to be and then the scooch fest begins again. It’s a good thing I’m not overly modest cause by now my bits and pieces are just hanging out all over and it’s not pretty. But at least everything is set up right and we are ready to roll.

I have this vague recollection of waking up during the procedure and feeling a sharp pain, then me moaning in pain and saying “I’m awake, I’m awake!” Not sure if that actually happened or if I dreamed it. But when I did finally wake up there was a blue paper like sheet over my face. I could feel them putting on the bandages to cover my incisions and I knew I was done. YAY!

Funny story time….

So I was telling Chris about waking up in the operating room with the sheet over my head and he looks at me and says “Wow, better you than me! If I had woke up with that thing over my head I would have thought I was in the morgue!” Cue the giggles. Needless to say it hurts to laugh after you have just had surgery. I love my husband!

If you have been following along with my story from the very beginning you may know that I consider myself to be one pretty tough broad. And getting this port was no exception. When Chris and I were finally able to leave the hospital it was after 6:00pm. I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for over 18 hours now. Chris says “Do you just want to go home?” Me, “NO, I’m hungry! Let’s get something to eat.” So my loving husband took me out to dinner and dessert! Even with part of my hair stiff with dried blood, he sat next to me and held my hand as we had a bite to eat in my groggy, anesthesia brain fog state. He then took me to get my prescription filled for my pain medication. Yep, that’s right, we went shopping too. Not a big shopping trip, just a quick stop at Walgreens but in my book that still qualifies as a shopping trip when you’ve just had surgery. Then it was off to home where he got me all nice and comfy in my recliner and held my hand as we watched a movie. (Well he watched, I dozed.)

All in all, I can’t really complain. The port is in and I was able to keep smiling and laughing.

Now I will await the arrival of chemo day.

Comments from the old website.

Comments from the old website.

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