Second Chemo

Hey everyone! Just a quick update on chemo number two. Warning, TMI alert ahead!

I can’t really complain about anything. I only received one chemo medication this week, Irinotecan. It has the potential to cause some rather nasty digestive issues, but even without the premed for it I did okay. I’ve had some minor digestive upset in that I’ve had some nausea and diarrhea but nothing too earth shattering. Here is me on chemo number two.

p287_01 p287_02

My appetite has really diminished since starting the chemo. Nothing tastes really good and I’m finding it hard to get enough calories in everyday. I’m learning the hard way that certain foods are a no go anymore. I can’t eat anything too spicy or too greasy or too acidic. It’s a challenge to find things that are calorie and nutrient dense that I can tolerate.

I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that I was experiencing some excruciating pain in my upper right abdomen and that it was radiating through to my back. I was taking pain medication round the clock for this for the last couple of weeks. But the strangest thing happened. Saturday after I had chemo and was on my way home I noticed at some point that I gotten a little sharp pain in that area. Then for the rest of the way home, no pain. After we got home I used the bathroom and noticed that in the bottom of the toilet there appeared to be what looked like course sand. I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Then we left to go pick up a package and on our way I was thinking how it was way past my time to have taken my pain medication and that I should be in significant pain, but I wasn’t. That’s when it hit me. Kidney stones! Now I can’t confirm for sure that it was kidney stones, but all the signs point to that being the problem. I am happy to report that I have stopped taking the pain medication at least for now. There is a little residual pain left in that area but if I’m right, I may not have passed all the stones yet. But I have upped my water intake dramatically and did a little research into what contributes to kidney stone formation and am taking preventative measures so that hopefully that won’t happen again.

Well, I think that about covers this round. Hope everyone is doing well enjoying life! Take care, until next time!

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