Remembering Wendy Jo

Wendy Jo was kind of a realist. She had accepted her fate some time ago and sought to find peace within herself. She had (in her own words) a very inappropriate sense of humor about her situation because she preferred levity over gloom. She always tried to keep people from feeling uncomfortable about her situation by telling jokes or in other ways. The trick was to get a laugh instead of a cry or sad face.

She preferred not to focus on the negative but instead to focus on the positive. Her wish at the end was that her family and friends could have a gathering and share experiences and memories about her, as we saw in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Because our family and friends are so far away that wasn’t logistically feasible. Nonetheless that is what I tell people when I see them and they are sad about Wendy. It’s okay to offer condolences. But Wendy would prefer that people are content that her pain is over. Her 3+ year battle with cancer has ended. She is at peace. Her journey to the stars is now complete. She has moved on and she wanted the same for us.

We keep her in our memories and some of us feel a sense of loss without her. But we remember her and how strong she was and that brings me a sense of peace, despite the sense of loss. Wendy gave me 15 happy years. We recently celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. She was a good mother and a good wife. At many businesses the staff knew and liked Wendy very much because she was a very friendly person with a great smile. This is how I will remember her.


This blog is now a memorial to Wendy Jo Savage. Wife. Mother. Maker. Lover of Nature.

In the future I will be posting things about Wendy. Little tid-bits that maybe you didn’t know about her. An insight into her life. So check back occasionally as there will be new things here. This isn’t my last post. I will try to post these updates to her Facebook page as well. Peace, everyone.

Wendy holding a baby sheep.

Wendy holding a baby sheep.

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About Chris Savage

Devoted Husband of Wendy Jo Savage. I am her rock, her friend and her soulmate. Rest in peace, my wife. You will be missed.
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12 Responses to Remembering Wendy Jo

  1. Alex says:

    Love it Chris!!!!

  2. Shari Kirschenman says:

    Ilove the little tidbits and positive tales…..and the pictures. Please keep them coming. She was such a positive person.

    • Avatar photo Chris Savage says:

      More will be coming Shari. It helps me to talk about her and share the wonderful memories. Because we lived so far away from many friends and family, many don’t know much about Wendy since we moved. I will share more over time.

  3. Saundra says:

    Very beautiful words to share about Wendy. You sure knew this lady! As with you, I will miss her every day…her smile and humor. But I will also think of her even more come spring when the dandelions are in full bloom. Wendy always said they were misunderstood, beautiful flowers…with a laugh. And the dragon flies….she told me they were to remind me of her and the buzz by was a smile.

    We will miss her and be thankful that she graced our lives. As for you, dear Chris…I know you are at peace…hurting on the inside, but when you think of Wendy, you can only smile. She was one in a million as are you. Love and hugs from me to you!

    • Avatar photo Chris Savage says:

      Saundra, Dragonflies and Dandelions. Two of Wendy’s favorite things. The dandelions in particular were also part symbolic in finding the good in something looked upon so often as bad.

  4. Steph Lindsay says:

    Just beautiful, Chris. Your grace and strength is shining through too, just like Wendy’s. Thank you. It will still be a quite a while before I can visit this site without a hankie handy, though!

    • Avatar photo Chris Savage says:

      Steph, loss is the one thing we can’t escape. I will feel it more than most. But it’s the smiles that help balance out the pain of loss. When I start to feel that pain I just shift my thoughts to happy times with Wendy. Doesn’t completely remove the need for tissues. But it helps!

  5. Karen Arneson says:

    I have been quietly praying for your family over the past few months and following the blog. Praying God’s comfort upon family and friends. Thank you for celebrating Wendy’s life with us, so beautiful. I love the picture of Wendy holding the lamb, I can tell she was enjoying every minute, precious.

  6. Mari H. says:

    Chris, your words are so inspiring! It’s such a wonderful tribute to the life you shared with Wendy Jo, and how humor can sometimes be the best medicine when nothing else is working. I know it’s an emotional roll-coaster ride of great memories with the feelings of loss, but writing it out and sharing those memories is so therapeutic. I am glad I will have the chance to know a little bit more about Wendy Jo and her incredibly strong and brave journey to the stars where she is now free.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Avatar photo Chris Savage says:

      Thank you Mari. I’m glad you see the underlying value of this. In sharing I do find it therapeutic. Besides, there are a lot of things people probably don’t know about Wendy. I will give them the chance while I sift through the memories.

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