Nature Memorial for Wendy

Ken Gracey, President of Parallax Inc recently went on a nature hike and had Wendy on his mind. At some point he set up this nature memorial to Wendy. Note the “W” made from the rocks. Thanks Ken! That was very thoughtful.

Wendy-Wasatch Range

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Wendy the Explorer

Here’s something Wendy didn’t really talk about much, but I thought some of you might find it interesting. Wendy had many, as she called them, guilty pleasures. One such guilty pleasure was playing World of Warcraft. Now if you’re not familiar with the game, it is an MMORPG, which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Now, before I continue I want to share the very funny story of how she started playing the game. Continue reading

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At one point I was looking through Wendy’s filing cabinet next to her desk for anything related to the current bills and medical stuff. I opened the drawer on the top and found her extra check book registers, postage stamps and return address labels. But underneath were three envelopes. They had my name, Josh and Joey’s names, respectively. It seems Wendy had left a letter to each of us. Continue reading

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The Chris & Wendy Story

Many people don’t know the story of how we met and all the various things that we’ve done. I thought I would share some of that here with you all. Some of you might learn things about Wendy you didn’t know. Continue reading

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Remembering Wendy Jo

Wendy Jo was kind of a realist. She had accepted her fate some time ago and sought to find peace within herself. She had (in her own words) a very inappropriate sense of humor about her situation because she preferred levity over gloom. She always tried to keep people from feeling uncomfortable about her situation by telling jokes or in other ways. The trick was to get a laugh instead of a cry or sad face. Continue reading

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Wendy Has Passed

Be at peace my wife. Thank you for the best 15 years of my life! You will be missed.

Wendy Jo Savage 1970-2015

Wendy Jo Savage 1970-2015

I will post more later. We (family) need some time right now. Thank you for your understanding.

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I just wanted to take a moment to give thanks to some outside people who have made this whole thing a little easier. This means people who aren’t here dealing with this directly, but who have gone out of their way to help us out in any way possible. Continue reading

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Where We’re Currently At

Okay, this will be the final detailed post on Wendy’s condition. The next update on Wendy won’t be until after she’s passed on. That said it’s been a very crazy week and as Wendy would do I am going to issue a TMI warning and say do not read any further if you don’t want the details. I only post this because I know this is what Wendy would post.¬†Okay, you’ve been warnedContinue reading

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Help Is Here

…but things aren’t going good for Wendy. Her condition has deteriorated since yesterday. Becky arrived and Josh and Megan helped us yesterday. Josh helped me move furniture so we could move Wendy into a bigger room and Megan picked up supplies and picked up Becky from the airport. Continue reading

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Help Is On The Way!

So things got crazy over the last few days. Sure. My last post was evidence of that. However there was some background discussion going on that I originally wasn’t fully aware of. Wendy’s sister, Becky, who came out to visit back in April with her husband Scott from New York, was talking to Wendy in the background about coming out to help her out. Continue reading

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