Things Are Getting Worse

As Wendy previously posted, June 30 was our anniversary, however we weren’t able to do everything we’d planned to do because Wendy didn’t have the energy. She slept most of the trip to Tahoe and most of the way back as well. While it was a bummer that we couldn’t do the boat ride, I was happy she got to see Joe and we both realized things were starting to get worse. Apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading

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Anniversary Road Trip

June 30th is our wedding anniversary and this year, due to our circumstances, Parallax was kind enough to give Chris the day off, despite this normally being a mandatory work day for year end clean-up and such. We decided to take a road trip to Lake Tahoe for the day. We weren’t sure we’d be able to go because the morning before, I woke up in severe pain and we weren’t sure why. We decided if I was okay this morning we’d go. Continue reading

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Help from Hospice

I mentioned in my last blog post that I was referred to Hospice by my Oncologist. Last week Hospice contacted me and I was formally admitted to the Hospice program. Since then people from Hospice have been in and out getting my information and the support I need to move forward from this point.  Continue reading

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Haircuts Today

With Wendy’s internal thermostat going bonkers all the time she sometimes gets too hot, especially in this summer heat here in CA. As we’re both from NY we both battle the heat and today we both got haircuts. Really short haircuts. I will post Wendy’s photo here (complete with smile) and mine on my blog.

Wendy's New Haircut

Wendy’s New Haircut

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The current state of things…

First I wanted to say something that I have been thinking about for the last few weeks. I talked to Chris and he understands and I hope all of you do too. For as long as I have been posting these blog entries I have been trying to be whimsical and positive in my writing. Basically trying to keep a good tone on things so that my blog entries weren’t so depressing even when the news wasn’t good. Since my health has gotten worse and I’ve started coughing up blood I am finding it more and more difficult just to form thoughts, since it takes all of my effort just to be able to breathe properly these days. So you’re going to notice that starting now I am just putting the information out there. I’m not trying to make it sound like anything more than it is. Just the facts, if you will. Continue reading

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Quick Update to Quick Update

So last night was fun (sarcasm). Poor Wendy was shivering like crazy even though I was sweating (it was pretty warm here yesterday). By evening her typical low-grade fever was no longer what I would call a low-grade fever, having reached 103.8 degrees! As of this morning it is still 101.3 degrees. Not as bad, but still not good. We’re expecting that by this evening it will probably be up in the 103 range again. Continue reading

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Quick Update

Not much to tell. I had my CT scan and some blood work on Friday. No news on the CT scan yet. Not sure when the results will be in. The blood test results came back over the weekend and are very much like you would expect. My red blood counts are low as usual and the tumor marker is elevated. Spent most of the weekend feeling really poorly thanks to running a fever most of time. It spiked up to 102.7 this time. That’s the highest that it’s gone. Usually it doesn’t go too much over 100. I see my doctor later this week so I will try to update again after the doctor visit. By then I should have the results of the CT scan.

Thanks for following along. Wish I had more to tell.

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New Stuff, Fun Stuff, Yuck Stuff

New Stuff…

Had an eye doctor appointment a couple of weeks ago and finally got the call last week that my new glasses were ready to be picked up. (This was the pair where the hubby picked out the frames!) So we drove down to get them and voila…..Aren’t they purty?!

New Glasses!

New Glasses!

Continue reading

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Spoke Too Soon

Well wouldn’t it just figure that I go and post yesterday that the fever seems to be gone for the time being and then…..BAM…..last night it’s back. I started feeling all achy and cold again so I took my temperature and sure enough it was 100.6, low grade to be sure but high enough that it had me feeling sick. But that’s not the best part!

TMI WARNING AHEAD… Continue reading

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Quick Update

Due to some changes this week, the hubby said it was probably a good idea for me to post a quick update so here goes. Continue reading

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