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This is just going to be a fairly quick update. If you read Chris’s post from yesterday you know that I ended up spending the day Sunday in emergency room. FUN!…Yeah, not so much. But thankfully I’m okay and I have a little more information about my condition.

I woke up Sunday morning having a hard time breathing, which these days isn’t really uncommon. But usually if I get up and have a cup of coffee and relax I can get it under control pretty quickly. It is normal for me to cough a lot. It is normal that I get some wheezing and have a crackling and popping sound when I breathe. And it is also normal that I get some tightness that makes moving air in and out of my lungs a little difficult at times. But as I said, I can get it under control pretty quickly if I just relax and have something hot to drink. Yesterday was different. My breathing was very labored and no amount of relaxing or hot coffee seemed to make any difference. The more I coughed the harder it got to breathe until finally I was gasping for air and I knew I was in trouble. So off to the emergency room we went.

I won’t go into details about everything that happened, I think Chris did a pretty good job of covering that end of it. And while the doctor really didn’t do anything for me other than order up a bunch of tests, at least I have more information about where I stand. First came blood work, then a chest x-ray, and an EKG. All of these tests came back “normal”. So then the doctor ordered up a CT scan with contrast. I was actually happy to have this done because I knew it would show if there was any progression of the cancer. And when the results came back I got the news that there has been “significant disease progression”. All the spots that were there on the first CT scan back in November where bigger and there are more new spots in both lungs. The lymph nodes in my chest are also worse and more of them are affected. The doctor said there was really nothing they could do for me and that the only thing that may help is to get chemo started. I did ask what I’m supposed to do if my breathing gets like that again before I start chemo. I told him it’s like an asthma attack in that I can’t move air in or out of my lungs easily. He said he could prescribe an albuterol inhaler for me and that might help.

Okay, funny story time….

So after the doctor said he would give me an inhaler he asked “So Wendy do you think maybe there could have been a little anxiety going on? I know I would have a little anxiety if I felt like I couldn’t breathe.” Here’s me thinking *WELL DUH!!!* I looked at him and said “Well of course there was anxiety involved! I couldn’t breathe! But just so we are clear here, the order of events were FIRST I was gasping for air, SECOND I had some anxiety over NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE!” (Just so we’re clear.) So then he asked me if I would mind if he prescribed me a quick acting anti-anxiety medication. Me thinking **Do I mind?? How about HOOK ME UP DOC! You just told me that there is nothing you can do for me so YEAH I want to have anything that will make day to day living more tolerable if this happens again!**

Anyway, that is where I am at. The cancer is progressing rapidly and chemo is really my only hope of slowing things down and maybe alleviating some of the problems. Thankfully I start chemo later this week. I will post another update after my first treatment.

Take care all!

Comments from the old website.

Comments from the old website.

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