I was reminded by my darling husband, that it has been awhile since my last update. So without further ado I present to you…..an update.

I suppose this update is sort of special in that it is the very first update I have written since my hubby got me my own domain name. So it’s like having my very own website.

So, what’s been going on….let’s see….

I had visitors! Chris’s parents, brother Mike, and sister Paula all came out to California from New York for a short, but awesome visit. They were here over Mother’s Day weekend and we had so much fun! We were able to do some touristy stuff like a drive to San Francisco to see some of Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, the main attraction being the sea lions that inhabit the Bay area.

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Mother’s Day everyone spent the day here at the house with me. I was surrounded by lots of love that day. And even got a beautiful surprise.

Pink Azalea

Pink Azalea

My son Josh and his girlfriend Megan came walking in with this beautiful tree for me for Mother’s Day! As you can see it was covered in beautiful pink blooms! They also had brought a beautiful basket of orange freesia’s for Chris’s mom, but unfortunately she couldn’t take the plant on the plane back to New York so I inherited the lovely looking and smelling plant for myself. YAY me!

Orange Freesia

Orange Freesia

Having Chris’s family here was great and the time went by so fast! It seemed like they no more than got here and it was time for them to leave. I’m just so grateful and happy to have had the opportunity to see them and spend some time with them!

So on to my health….

It’s been about a month since I had my final chemo treatment and things are starting to go down hill already. The coughing has made a fast and vigorous return, along with the shortness of breath and tight feeling I was having. Chris and I suspect that the chemo had probably stopped working around the time I had the last CT Scan done back at the beginning of April because the coughing, wheezing, etc came back way too fast. Within two weeks of my last chemo treatment it was all back. Just this morning I had a pretty bad coughing spell that was reminiscent of the day I landed in the ER. My loving husband took it in stride and brought me all of my medications. So after a pain pill, a “calm the FU@& down” pill, and a couple shot’s of my inhaler, I was feeling much better. I’m still about a month away from my next doctor appointment at which time I will be requesting another CT Scan.

Ok, so now for something a little lighter hearted. I went to see the eye doctor for my yearly eye checkup. I was happy to be going this year because my vision has been rather squirrely lately. Come to find out my astigmatism is ALL over the place. All that means is they are having a problem dialing in 20/20 vision for me, but I am getting new glasses. Chris drove me to my appointment and escorted me to the door and since the office is pretty small, I told him to just wait in the car for me. During my exam the doctor needed to dilate my pupils to check for whatever it is they check for. What she neglected to tell me was she used the super heavy duty stuff on me. While I was waiting for it to work I realized it was getting harder for me to see and I really needed to pick out new frames for my glasses, but I couldn’t see to be able to pick out frames. So I texted the hubby that I needed assistance. (At least I think that is what I texted, I couldn’t really see.) But it worked cause next thing I knew he was standing in front of me. I explained to him that I couldn’t see and I needed him to pick out new frames for me. I think I could smell the panic in him! HAHAHA! But good hubby that he is, he picked out a set of frames and I tried them on. I could not see a thing. But he and the optician said they looked cute on me. (I had to take their word for it.) After I was done, Chris led me out to the car. I say led me out to the car because with dilated pupils it was SO bright outside it was like I was blind. But I got to wear these nifty disposable sunshades! LOL

Me with Sunshades

Me with Sunshades

Well I think that’s about all for now. Hope you were able to get a smile and chuckle while reading this. Until next time…..

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5 Responses to Happenings

  1. Shari Kirschenman says:

    I love your attitude. You are the best. Hope those glasses help you withbyour vision. Glad Chris was there to pick out cute ones.

  2. Saundra Wall says:

    I love the glasses story. Can’t wait to see a picture of you with them on. And those lovely sun glasses in the picture…is it 3 D time! Sniff the freesia for me. I love them.
    Love and hugs to you and Chris.

  3. You are a person I hold close as of strength and what the human spirit can be. I have always though you were a person of notoriety and still believe so. I cherish the time we have spent together, however small it has been. I will say this…. LAN BABY!! 😀 … we all need a healer. hahaha

  4. Hal Albach says:

    I am saddened to read that your health is beginning to decline. We are all hoping and praying that everything will work out for you and Chris. I am truly in awe of your continued cheerfulness and genuine concern for those around you. Mother Theresa could have learned a lot from you! Thank you, Wendy, for showing us all how to be a better person.
    My ex-wife and I spent a week in San Francisco earlier this year and also did the touristy thing at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. Such an awesome place! We also did the Alcatraz tour and wandered aimlessly through Golden Gate Park, just living and loving the moment. Coming from the flat lands of Northern Ohio and now from Central West Florida, one has a keen longing for the spectacular scenes and vistas only available in your end of the country.


  5. Martin Montague says:

    Hey to you. I am glad that you are hanging in there. Keep that great smile going.


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