Quick Update

Not much to tell. I had my CT scan and some blood work on Friday. No news on the CT scan yet. Not sure when the results will be in. The blood test results came back over the weekend and are very much like you would expect. My red blood counts are low as usual and the tumor marker is elevated. Spent most of the weekend feeling really poorly thanks to running a fever most of time. It spiked up to 102.7 this time. That’s the highest that it’s gone. Usually it doesn’t go too much over 100. I see my doctor later this week so I will try to update again after the doctor visit. By then I should have the results of the CT scan.

Thanks for following along. Wish I had more to tell.

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  1. Shannan says:

    Any news is good news…hang in there Wendy. And may God comfort you and bring you peace during this difficult time. Thinking of you and wishing u green lights and sunshine everyday! ♡☆♡

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