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New Stuff…

Had an eye doctor appointment a couple of weeks ago and finally got the call last week that my new glasses were ready to be picked up. (This was the pair where the hubby picked out the frames!) So we drove down to get them and voila…..Aren’t they purty?!

New Glasses!

New Glasses!

The hubby did a good job! I’ve gotten lots of compliments.

Fun Stuff…

I got to do something very different on Sunday. Josh and Megan came to pick me up Sunday morning to take me out to lunch. They knew that my only requirements were that it should be someplace I’ve never been before and something that Chris and I would never go to. They decided to take me to a place called Oz Korean BBQ.

Josh and I at Oz!

Josh and I at Oz!

Josh assured me the food was great and the experience was totally worth it. So off we went to Oz! The kids were totally right! It is a sensory experience! You get all kinds of side dishes delivered to your table along with all kinds of meats that you cook yourself right at the table. (Well, I didn’t cook it the kids did, but it was fun to watch!)

20150607_123932 20150607_124528

I had a great time sampling all kinds of different things but it was especially nice getting to spend time with Josh and Megan. Thanks to you both for a special day out!

Yuck Stuff…

So now onto the not so pleasant stuff. I’m still having a hard time with the coughing, wheezing, and being short of breath. I’m still coughing up blood most mornings. But I do have a CT Scan scheduled for later this week so hopefully we will find out where I’m at. Even when I do get a good nights sleep, I no long wake up feeling refreshed and many days by the time mid to late afternoon rolls around, I’m ready to take a nap. I know it’s all part of the progression of things and there is not really anything that anyone can do. I just have to learn how to live with it.

I guess that’s all for now. I will update again after I have more information. My tests are this week and I have a doctor appointment next week so I will update after that. Thanks for following along.

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3 Responses to New Stuff, Fun Stuff, Yuck Stuff

  1. Steph Lindsay says:

    What awesome kids you have! So cool that they took you to Oz — Isn’t it a blast? Mine introduced us to the place too, and we had so much fun. What did you think of the wasabi coleslaw? Strange but addictive, I thought!

    And you look lovely in your new glasses, great choice!

    • Thanks Steph! Oz was a blast! And you are totally right on about the wasabi coleslaw, strange but addictive! I love almost anything with horseradish, so this was right up my alley. =)

  2. Zappman says:

    I like the picture with Josh and you in the your new glasses at OZ.

    Sounds like you got to experience something new, with Chris, Josh and Megan!

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