Help Is Here

…but things aren’t going good for Wendy. Her condition has deteriorated since yesterday. Becky arrived and Josh and Megan helped us yesterday. Josh helped me move furniture so we could move Wendy into a bigger room and Megan picked up supplies and picked up Becky from the airport.

Wendy has been waking up the last few mornings with a terrible headache that leaves her unable to do much as she’s in so much pain she can’t even think to stand or do anything. It was taking about an hour for that to go away after pain meds. As of this morning she had full body pain, as in debilitating pain. She could not move or get up to go use the bathroom even with help. It took quite some time to get her to the bathroom and even then it was a very drawn out deal. It is difficult for her to even take a few steps forward.

The nurse is coming by today to perhaps make some more adjustments to medications but it is clear she’s not very comfortable at all right now. Becky has been a great help since she arrived. We’ve cleared room for a hospital bed just in case as it looks like Wendy may need it sooner than expected. In the mean time here’s a photo from earlier of Wendy and Becky. Please note Wendy is in pain in this photo so she couldn’t even open her eyes, much less smile. =(

Wendy's sister, Becky, helping out.

Wendy’s sister, Becky, helping out.

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Devoted Husband of Wendy Jo Savage. I am her rock, her friend and her soulmate. Rest in peace, my wife. You will be missed.
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3 Responses to Help Is Here

  1. Mom and Dad Personius says:

    Although we just spoke by phone, please know that our thoughts and prayers are for all of you at this difficult time.

  2. frank says:

    Hi Wendy (and Chris),

    Just a short note to say hang in there, You guys are not to far from our thoughts…..


  3. Ed and Liz Personius says:

    Sending love to you Both. Hearts are sax I New York

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