Help Is On The Way!

So things got crazy over the last few days. Sure. My last post was evidence of that. However there was some background discussion going on that I originally wasn’t fully aware of. Wendy’s sister, Becky, who came out to visit back in April with her husband Scott from New York, was talking to Wendy in the background about coming out to help her out.

After the nurse and chaplain from Hospice left this morning I had a new understanding of Wendy’s medicine and schedules and several other points that I previously wasn’t knowledgeable on. However Wendy spoke to her sister after the Hospice people left and Wendy told me of Becky’s offer to come out and help. After some serious discussion we decided to take Becky up on her offer.

So help is on the way. Hopefully this will mean that Wendy won’t be without assistance long enough to get to that bad place of frustration that has happened twice in a few days. Hopefully between Becky and the updates in the Hospice care, Wendy’s quality of life will be a lot better. Now if I can just find someone to deliver a twin bed for the spare bedroom we’ll be mostly set…mostly.

I guess I could use someone to build a shed so I can store some things clogging up the garage. And while we’re at it our kitchen faucet is leaking. We need a new faucet. Hmmm, time to take up all those people who said, “If there’s anything I can do for you, anything at all, just ask.” =)

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Devoted Husband of Wendy Jo Savage. I am her rock, her friend and her soulmate. Rest in peace, my wife. You will be missed.
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3 Responses to Help Is On The Way!

  1. Saundra says:

    Glad help is on the way. Wendy is such a strong person…always able to care for others….now she needs to allow those that love her to take care of her as she makes it to the end of her journey.

    I hope that you will continue to find the strength to face each day. I have always found Hospice to be helpful and the people are wonderful. They are there for all of you. I pray that this journey isn’t long…as I am sure that things will get harder everyday. And I don’t want Wendy to suffer like my son did. I can’t imagine not being able to talk to my dear friend once she joins my son in Heaven. I will treasure all the years we shared and getting to know (about) you through her. You are a wonderful, strong man that has made her life complete. I wish I could be there for both of you. Love and hugs and always praying for both of you.

  2. frank says:

    To bad you guys are not zonies, I probably have half of all tools sold by Home Depot, well, my wife swears it is closer to 7/8s. Just finished putting in 50A and an 8*8 pad for a hot tub. Little to hot for that last week and ended up an overnight guest at a Banner location near me! But there are lots of good U-tube videos and Home Depot usually has a good number of real pros moonlighting there that could help you out. Or you can ask here. Enough of us I am sure have done something in the home repair department that you will probably find answers to all your questions. Teleporter not yet perfected at this time……….

    Leaky faucets are usually pretty easy if you can get a cartridge or repair kit for it. Just be real careful when you go to turn off the supply lines under the sink. If you have fairly hard water, the minerals can freeze the valve and if you twist it off, well you know that State Farm ad? uhm yeah, that one. Done it. Twice. washer connection, and a bathroom sink. not fun. I really don’t like brazing under a sink close to the wall…..

    You can probably buy a shed cheaper than building one if you have to get all the tools and materials. I assume you are not in an HOA Gulag. Otherwise they can screw your shed plans. Permanent enough to put it on a concrete pad?

    But unless it impedes your time and care of Wendy, F$%#$ it, it can wait. The leaks and junk will be there, she won’t.

  3. Becky says:

    Very sweet that you want to get one but as I said no bed required! I will probably want to sleep near her anyway so an air mattress will be perfect!! So happy you are having me come out to help. See you soon <3

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