I just wanted to take a moment to give thanks to some outside people who have made this whole thing a little easier. This means people who aren’t here dealing with this directly, but who have gone out of their way to help us out in any way possible.

First and foremost my mom and dad. They have always been there for Wendy and I in the past and their support now is much appreciated. With our family they coordinate news so I don’t have to deal with a flurry of people asking me how Wendy (or me) are doing. Also my parents have always made Wendy feel like an important part of the family. They have kept close contact with me through this and it is much appreciated.

Saundra, Wendy has always valued your friendship and advice. Although we have never met you’ve been helping me out in recent weeks more than you know. Especially over the last couple of days. I want you to know how much I appreciate it. You are one of the few┬ápeople who can truly appreciate the position I am in.

The company I work for, Parallax Inc has been so supportive, understanding and helpful through all of this. In some ways, everyone there has helped us out before. Recently when Wendy’s health deteriorated I realized I hadn’t gone shopping for food. I had been awake for so many hours and had not eaten. Kristina brought up a family size pizza from our favorite pizza place! A day or two later Bonnie sent Kristina and Chantal up to bring some groceries and they brought some lovely flowers for Wendy (see photo). And before all of this Stephanie had made a quilt for Wendy, which she used quite a bit for comfort. Thanks to Ken who has been keeping tabs on me and making sure I am okay and taking care of myself as well as Wendy.

Flower Bouquet from Parallax Inc.

Flower Bouquet from Parallax Inc.

Everyone who comments on this blog. Email and text messages get lost in the void, but your comments here are as permanent as possible and I do read them to Wendy. I also appreciate them myself. It shows support from the most unexpected places sometimes. Some of you are people we have never met and yet you have taken time to wish us well and send positive thoughts, prayers and energy our way and that is truly a special thing. Sometimes help comes from the most unexpected places.

Those who have donated via PayPal. Many in the past have asked not┬áto be listed, so we don’t have our “Thank You” list up any more, but you know who you are. Thank you!

Sutter North Hospice. Daniel, Mike, Karen, Julie and anyone else I have missed. You guys are amazing. It takes a special kind of person to do this kind of job and I can only imagine how hard it can be sometimes. I imagine thankless sometimes. We, however, do thank you!

Linda Fire Department / EMT services. I’m sorry I don’t know who all exactly was here but recently we needed to move Wendy from her Cat Napper Bed / Chair to a hospital bed in the front of the house down a narrow hallway. 7 total people showed up to help move Wendy. It was not an easy task in a confined space, but you guys did it all with special circumstances. I remember seeing Linda FD shirts, but not sure if all were from there. You have our thanks!

If there is anyone I forgot, I hope you understand how crazy it has been here lately. How little sleep I have gotten and how easily I get distracted. It has taken over an hour to compose this blog entry while I kept getting up to check on Wendy, especially at any little sound she makes. If you’ve been trying to contact me and I haven’t gotten back to you it is probably because I have my hands full. There is only so much I can deal with right now and so I am doing a bit of prioritizing. If you’re family and I haven’t gotten back to you please contact my mom and dad for updates.

Peace everyone! And thank you for your support!

About Chris Savage

Devoted Husband of Wendy Jo Savage. I am her rock, her friend and her soulmate. Rest in peace, my wife. You will be missed.
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6 Responses to Appreciation

  1. Saundra says:

    Chris…your words are so thoughtful. During this time the last thing that should be on your mind is considering others. But it seems both you and Wendy are just that way.

    I thank YOU for allowing me to be a part of your ‘family’ near and far. We actually did meet….the day you married my friend, Wendy and became my new friend, Chris.

    My thoughts and prayers continue to come your way. I just keep asking for strength for the family and a peaceful passing for my friend. You know where to find me if you need me. Just wish I could be there to walk that last path with the two of you. I am there in spirit….don’t you feel me there? I am the one with opinions! Just kidding. But I am there. And there are prayers coming for all of you from many places. My daughter (Alex Berge Grisanti) checks Face Book and then me for daily updates. And I think she may have e-mailed Wendy sometime last week. Anyway…take a deep breath and take care of yourself. Love and hugs from me to you. S

    • Chris Savage says:

      Saundra, I apologize. On that day nobody else in the world existed to me, except my bride! I’m glad you were there. I’m sure I will have realized it when I start pouring through wedding photos again.

  2. Shari Kirschenman says:

    Again my thoughts and prayers are with you and Wendy. You are remarkable gentleman. I hope you are able to find some peace soon.
    It has been a privilege to be a part of your journey.

  3. Alex says:

    Thinking of you all, and praying for most importantly peace and comfort.

  4. Christine P. says:

    Glad you have had such awesome support! Stay focused and remember to take care of yourself. Sending strength and positive energy your way.

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