Chemo #2 and Hair

Okay, so I have learned something. Not all chemo treatments are created equal.

I had my second chemo treatment on Sunday, September 8th. I was expecting it to go pretty much like the first one. Uneventful. And for the most part is was. The nurse assigned to me was very nice (always a bonus) and because it was early, it wasn’t busy yet and was pretty quiet.

Nurse Nora got my port all hooked up and I got my pre-meds first just like the first time and then on to the “Red Devil”. This is the one in the two big syringes that gets pushed into the IV line. The hubby likes to call them the “turkey basters” cause he says that’s what they remind him of. He was able to get a couple of pictures this time.

p99_01 p99_02 p99_03

As you can see for yourself, Chris and I were not exaggerating about the size of the syringes or the color of the drug.

After Nurse Nora was done with the Red Devil push was when I started to notice the woozy head feeling and that little knot in my stomach same as the first treatment. And after it was all done and I went to get up out of the chair was when I realized that I wasn’t feeling so great. Fatigue set in and I was wiped out. So much for the rest of the days plans. It was a quick bite of lunch and home. I was surprised that it hit me quite so hard and so fast this time. I had to laugh a little when I looked in the mirror when we got home. Now I now exactly what people mean when they say someone looks a little green around the gills. Looked like all the color had drained from my body and there was this odd green tinge to my complexion that I had never seen before.

I managed to recover just enough to drive myself down to get my shot the next day. But it wasn’t pleasant. And I am still trying to recover from it all. The shot did a number on me this time too. The doctors warned me that it could cause bone pain. Lets just say that my whole body feels bruised and sore.

Okay enough about that…On to HAIR!!

I noticed last Friday that my hair was just starting to show signs of falling out. And then yesterday I REALLY noticed it. As I would run my fingers through what little hair I have left I would come away with little clumps stuck between my fingers. I sat here at one point and kept collecting it on a paper towel until I had a pile that looked like I had gotten a hair cut.

Lost Hair

Lost Hair

I’m not bald. Yet. But my hair is getting thin. Probably by my next post I will be mostly bald and modeling my hats.

Thanks for checking in on me! Until next time….

Comments from the old website.

Comments from the old website.

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