Chemo #3

Well, it’s taken me several days to feel well enough to sit here and be able to write this.

I had chemo #3 over the weekend and it hit me hard and fast. I’ve spent the last several days nursing a splitting headache and some tummy troubles. But this morning I woke up with NO headache! YAY!!

I mentioned in my last update that I had started losing my hair. Well after that the hair went fast and I am nearly bald now. Have a look see! (I actually have even less hair than this pic shows.)

Losing my hair!

Losing my hair!

I told Chris that I look like one of those “old, over loved” dolls that has lost most of its hair. Or better yet, how about this….

Wise Old Crone

Wise Old Crone

Yep! I’d say that one fits me perfectly now! LOL

I will have to have a little modeling show soon and have Chris take pictures of me with all my hats and scarves that I wear when I go out.

Now for some serious business…

Kind, caring, compassionate, gentle. I can’t come up with enough adjectives to describe this lady. She has helped make this very unpleasant experience much better. I’ve mentioned her before, she is my Nurse Shari. (Yes, I blinked.)

Nurse Shari

Nurse Shari

Nurse Shari is the first nurse to have taken care of me and she will always hold a very special place in my heart. She is getting ready to take a leave of absence and I will miss her terribly! But we are going to keep in touch and she should be back before my chemo treatments end. (Good luck Shari! Heal fast and come back soon! Hugs!)

As a side note the little ornament Nurse Shari is holding is a little something I made for her. It’s a cross stitch that says “angel of mercy nurse”.

Okay, so as I said earlier, chemo #3 hit me hard and fast again. It seems to be taking a little longer each time to recover and get ready for the next treatment. The headaches get pretty bad, the nausea is always there, and then there is the feeling like my whole body is bruised. Thankfully the bruised feeling only lasts a couple of days after I have the blood building shot. One thing that I’ve noticed also, is that my sense of taste is either way off or non existent. Either it tastes funny or I can’t taste at all. Right now, water tastes funny especially when it’s not cold, so trying to stay well hydrated can be a challenge. Even choosing food is challenging at times because you never know how your body is going to react to it. Example, I ate a fresh pear thinking it would be easy on my tummy. WRONG! Had the worst stomachache about ten minutes after eating it and it lasted for a few hours. I won’t be making that mistake again. (at least not with pears.)

And to wrap things up for this post here is a couple of pics of me during chemo #3.

p110_04 p110_05

Thanks for taking the time to visit here! I appreciate all the support!

Comments from the old website.

Comments from the old website.

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