Help from Hospice

I mentioned in my last blog post that I was referred to Hospice by my Oncologist. Last week Hospice contacted me and I was formally admitted to the Hospice program. Since then people from Hospice have been in and out getting my information and the support I need to move forward from this point. 

My health has been rapidly declining for the last couple of weeks. I have been running out of energy much quicker, requiring much more sleep, my appetite has been severely diminished and I have been vomiting a lot lately, something I didn’t do all through my chemotherapy. I was given medication that should help with my energy level and appetite. So far no luck on that.

I did go to breakfast at The Original Pancake House this morning with Chris, my oldest son Josh and his girlfriend Megan. I ordered my usual 49’er Flap Jacks but couldn’t even eat half the serving. I know things are getting bad when I can’t even eat my favorite meals from my favorite restaurants. Looks like I will be trying some liquid food like Ensure and Boost to see if these sit any better with me as I have been losing weight steadily.

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4 Responses to Help from Hospice

  1. Shari Kirschenman says:

    My love goes out to you and your family. You are such an inspiration to me. I hope you are able to enjoy your family and friends with the help of hospice.

  2. Steph Lindsay says:

    Sending you hugs today, Wendy! Ditto everything Shari said.

  3. frank says:

    My son Andy seems to like a product called Neocate, but at least refrigerator cool. Tropical Splash. The others either he would not touch. If it helps, look into getting it prescribed in case it might be covered by your insurance. $8/ea ain’t cheap……

  4. Gloria novitske says:

    Wendy dear,
    My thoughts and prayers are always with you.You are so brave and strong during these hard times. I always look forward to seeing u on my Facebook you have a special personality that I love. Praying comfort peace love and healing. MommaG

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