Anniversary Road Trip

June 30th is our wedding anniversary and this year, due to our circumstances, Parallax was kind enough to give Chris the day off, despite this normally being a mandatory work day for year end clean-up and such. We decided to take a road trip to Lake Tahoe for the day. We weren’t sure we’d be able to go because the morning before, I woke up in severe pain and we weren’t sure why. We decided if I was okay this morning we’d go.

I woke up feeling much better than the morning before, so we decided to go. Unfortunately my energy levels weren’t up to par and I slept most of the drive there. Our original plans included trying to rent a peddle boat or get a quick cruise on the lake, but by the time we got there I wasn’t up to it anymore.

Our younger son, Joe lives in South Lake Tahoe so we decided to go have lunch with him at the only Pizza Hut in California we like, which is in South Lake Tahoe. The main and most important thing was that we got to see him again. I wasn’t sure if I would get to see him again, since he lives so far away, so I was happy for that.

I’d like to say I got to enjoy the scenery and stuff on the way there and back, but unfortunately my energy levels are just so low that I slept most of the time. Chris did stop at one point to get out and take a few pictures for me from a Vista lookout and grabbed this one of me in the car. Thanks for stopping by!

Me in the car.

Me in the car.

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6 Responses to Anniversary Road Trip

  1. Jim Kenney says:

    Great to see you guys got out, and kudos to Parallax for giving Chis the day off. (I know he didn’t want to be there for inventory and the forum issues) 🙂

    I will get back to Lake Tahoe someday, what beautiful scenery. I only saw it at 2’oclock in the morning driving a truck from Nashville to Seattle.



  2. Linda Merritt says:

    Happy Belated Anniversay
    So great that you were able to make that trip to He lake and to have a nice lunch with one of your children
    We are thinking of you both during this life journey
    Stay strong anf positive. May you have peaceful loving days filled with wonderful memories
    Lots of love and hugs from New York. Aunt Linda and Family

  3. frank says:

    Feel a bit awkward wishing you guys a happy anniversary given the circumstances, but as it is one more that you guys got to spend together so I will say it anyway, Happy Anniversary! Between your courage and Chris’ intestinal fortitude, you guys make one hell of an example of hanging in the tough times as well as the good and easy times.

  4. Mom and Dad Personius says:

    Happy to see the weather was perfect and you had a great time. Thinking about you every moment. You’re in our hearts and prayers. Love you guys!

  5. Ed and Liz Personius says:

    Dear Wendy and Sean, Happy anniversary. I remember your wedding day clearly. What a beautiful day. And your dress was gorgeous!!! Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Stay strong and know that every one here loves you. Aunt Liz and uncle ed.

  6. Joshua Donelson says:

    You know you are special when Parallax doesn’t make you clean the inside and outside windows. hahaha… I’ve always thought it was crazy that Parallax didn’t give you guys this day to spend together. A celebration of finding love with each other is the best thing you can do in this life. I find that finding love is the hardest challenge in life; finding someone who loves you for your ability to be yourself is the best gift. 😀 I love you both, and I cherish your friendships and experiences… I have to say, the LAN party we all had playing World of Warcraft was greatest indeed. If we only knew about Dota2 … I think it was a game at that point, and if not.. why wasn’t it? we could have make millions. ‘laughing’ … My best for you Wendy 😀

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